Join Us for a Year of Courage

This academic year, you will hear the call to Courage in different ways. During each season, you will be invited to explore the theme through a different lens. From now until mid-October, we will beckon the Courage to Take Root (planting ourselves in community, even during unsettled times). Beginning in mid-October and going into November, we will share the Courage to Cherish as we celebrate 125 years of Highland Baptist Church and discern how we hold dear both all the gifts we have received and the lessons learned. During Advent, we will open our eyes to the God in our midst with the Courage to See. In January, we will seek the Courage for the Middle as we see how far we’ve come, where we’re going, and where we stand today. February brings the Courage to Imagine as we envision a world where justice and Love are abundant. Lent will offer Courage for the Journey as we approach the cross together as pilgrims on the way. As we wrap up the school year in May, we will celebrate the Courage to Flourish as we see all the fruit born from the roots we planted this fall.

We want YOU to participate in our Courage theme! Create artwork. Write poems. Take pictures. Write a long over-due apology letter. Host a dinner for strangers. We will be identifying some concrete ways that you can participate throughout the year, but don’t wait on us – you, the priesthood of all believers, are invited now into this courage.

Gabi Bleuel has created some beautiful wreaths for each season. If you look closely at the primary one that says “Courage,” you will take note of all the seasons represented (root, leaves, purple cloth, water, fire, stars, blossoms). As each wreath is shared throughout the year, may these images guide you in your own life. Save them as backgrounds on your phone or laptop. Share them on social media. Help us paint banners for our hallways.

Journeys are best when they are shared by fellow pilgrims. Who knows where this road will lead, but we know that we will walk it together alongside a God who picks us up when we fall and points us towards a future filled with abundant justice and love.