Liminal Wonderings by Jim England

Church staff gathered about 8:15 a.m. Sunday as usual; a last minute check in with each other and prayer. One reported a call and the caller wanted to know if it would be okay to visit Highland. Of course, the answer is “Of course.”

I first thought that I have never asked permission to attend any religious service anywhere. Never gave asking a thought. I realize my life is one of privilege even as I wonder what kind of church behaviors so wound someone that they do not want/wish to come to Highland until they receive some indication of welcome and safety.

I also wondered who was the person that played match maker? Who knew the person and their pain/fears and recommended Highland as a place for wounded seekers. I want to shake that person’s hand for believing Highland is a refuge and healing place. I want to shake the hand of that one who spoke to someone they know and said,” I know a place for you.”