Reflection from Friday Church by Fred Bogert

Last week at Friday Church, we finished with our usual singing of “God Be with You ‘til We Meet Again”. At the end of the song, at the moment when folks began to disperse, I couldn’t help but drift into the similar and wonderful beginning to our sweet departed sister Aretha’s “Natural Woman”. Quietly, gently, members of the band picked up the groove, and the song came to life and found us all. People heard the familiar strain and paused, then picked it up, making the moment a tribute to the spirit of the Queen of Soul. No one dared to sing Aretha’s part. Instead, the melody was hummed, passed around, with snippets of words materializing along with momentary harmonies as our common adoration of the mighty Ms. Franklin filled the sanctuary. We swooned together like kids around a campfire. Smiles escaped us all at the closing chords.

There are times when God’s love shines through and shows us the power of unity that transcends all our differences. This was certainly one of them. Thank you, Friday Church. Thank you, Aretha. Thank you, God.