Liminal Wonderings… by Jim England

Reflecting on Sunday’s gathering, I find myself filled with gratitude and warmth. Normally, we are spread over three services. Sunday we were all in the same place at the same time for the same purpose. The service delighted  us with its music and sermon and welcome of children. Perry described the “middle table” in his sermon as a place of welcome, belonging and enduring friendship. That’s what I felt on Sunday.

Several have asked me about the book Renee read to the children. A wonderful story so gently spoken; it spoke to all of us.

The choir is so good so consistently that we could take them for granted. Week after week, they sing for more than one service providing beauty and heart deepening resonance to worship. The violin solo was achingly beautiful.

Parents and their children led our readings. Long time faith leaders led us in prayer and scripture reading. When children fidgeted, I was reminded of Renee’s encouragement to think of the children in the world whose voices are not heard.

Outside, I was offered food from multiple sources. Your generosity was on display. I got to talk to people that  I don’t always get to talk to.

I am grateful to our church staff for creating this time together. I am humbled to serve alongside them.