My Faith Story: Deacon Testimony by John Pacyga

Hello, my name is John. I am the grandson of an alcoholic…

Most people want to know about my other grandfather. He fought in a big war, had medals, and then was given a coin that was hung in a plaque on his wall. He was the one that many considered the Hero, but my other grandpa fought in a silent war and was a silent hero. My other grandfather had a serenity coin that he carried on him all the time. That grandfather made one positive choice and then many more choices on the road to sobriety. He found Peace with God, then Peace with the people around him, and most importantly, Peace with himself. He repaired with the relationships with his family over many years. He made a fresh start in a new community and started a new job. He worked long and steady on life. He was more than 20 years sober and the second half of his life was better than the first half. After a long life, he was surrounded by his family. I say all this to give you all hope for your journey.

Because of both of my grandfathers, I grew up in a good home. I accepted Jesus into my life at a young age and grew in my faith from family and giving friends. I was baptized as an adult in this church. And now my kids are growing up this church and learning so much from the great teachers and ministers.

I have a long way to go on my journey. Though I will be serving as a deacon, that doesn’t mean I’m perfect or have all the answers. I am just a fellow traveler on the journey, pointing the way to the cross. I do hope to be at Friday Church more often. I think Friday Church Passes the Peace the best! We all need to Pass the Peace deeply and fully. We all need more Peace and Hope as we travel this road together.