Liminal Wonderings… by Jim England

In preparation for last Sunday’s sermon, I read an article by Karoline Lewis entitled “The Dew of Compassion.” She notes that Jesus had compassion on people because they were like sheep without a shepherd… “so in need of care, of protection, of pasture, of tending, of nurture”. She says, “compassion is not just a feeling but a doing.” True compassion puts us into motion for someone beyond ourselves. Lewis states, “There is no compassion unless it is known by the other.”

Lewis then turns the focus to the person by asking, “Who has compassion for you? Who tends to you? Who makes sure you are protected and safe and loved and nurtured?” She notes that we who proclaim and teach God’s love struggle to believe that we are the objects of that love as well.

As we follow Jesus in the work of love, remember we are called to love one another. We give love and we receive love.