Liminal Wonderings… by Jim England

Last Saturday, I ran in a race started by a young friend of mine when she was a teenager. I met her at her church where I served as interim. She heard of a country where AIDS was killing lots of people and when a man died, his wife and children would be kicked out of their village. A missionary had started a village to help these people who had nothing and nowhere to go. Saturday marked the 10th anniversary of this race that raises money to support that village. Two young men spoke at the awards ceremony and told us how people there would eat because of the money raised. They spoke of opportunities they had because of money raised. They spoke their gratitude.

I have often heard adolescence described as an in between time; a time between childhood and adulthood. I wonder if anyone would have noticed had she not started the race. Yet, she saw the need, decided she could do something about it, and did the work to fulfill her vision. She models for me what we can do in our “in between” times. We can still see need, affirm our own capacities, envision the work of love and do it.

I am glad Rachel is my friend.