Liminal Wonderings… by Jim England

My heart is full of hope on steroids because of our worship Sunday. Perry’s sermon on siblings was a prophetic call to a loving inclusiveness. The testimonies invited us to awareness and appreciation of personal journeys. The mission moment reminded us of the many ways people get broken and healed. The blessing of those marching in the Gay Pride parade made me proud. The music called me to contemplation. I am so grateful to be part of this church.

Next Sunday is my turn to preach. The pulpit will look kind of bland after having those beautiful rainbow colors removed. Thanks to all who made the worship so beautiful!

My hope for our in-between time is for us to continue to hear the stories of people in our church and community. I hope for more understanding of our differences and celebration of our uniqueness. I celebrate the results of the work of love and, in faith, look forward to where that Love leads.

The Love of God expressed through people who love is a powerful life giving, redeeming power. Let us exercise it with joy.