Liminal Wonderings… by Jim England

When I write this column, I think I should be insightful and/or inspirational or at least sound intelligent. Yet, I recall the advice of a PhD psychologist and Buddhist who told me, “Don’t should on yourself.” So, for now, I give up my shoulds long enough to tell you what I see.

I see many of you working hard in your leadership roles. You come to meetings prepared. Yet, you are open to questions and opinions that are not your own. The gift of listening to each other affirms and values the other person.

I see many of you employing your talents to bring an orchestra to life or to make handbells ring. I have no idea how much effort has gone into developing your talents. I do know the beauty stirred in me by your gifts.

I see kind deeds and hear kind words. The reception for Honor Deacons reminds all of us of how others have served Christ for a long time in this place and have helped shape it into the sacred place that it is.

Every Sunday and Wednesday, I hear laughter in the conversation in the hall and the classes. When I retired from my hospice chaplain work, my chaplain colleagues gave me a book entitled, I Heard God Laughing by Hafiz. I think I hear God laughing in our halls and meetings.

I see opportunities for kindness and love everywhere. I see you acting with kindness and love everywhere. In an interim time and beyond, I cannot imagine all we may discuss or vote on. My hope for myself is that I will use all my opportunities to speak and vote in such a way that each one of you will know you are loved.