Liminal Wonderings… by Jim England

I received a wonderful gift of books from a friend at Friday Church. I think when I received a book as a gift that I honor the person by reading it; listening for what she found. I am reading Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser. She describes a scene at Ellen’s home where some friends had gathered for dinner. Ellen was a woman softening into her death.

Lesser describes looking around the room. Her husband sat along in one corner, tired from work and worry. A couple of friends were haggling over who should return to the grocery store for some forgotten items. Lesser, herself, said she was being short tempered with her children and Ellen’s son. They were running around as she was trying to prepare the meal.

Lesser writes that she looked at Ellen, paper thin, wrapped in a blanket, staring at the snow fall outside. In a small voice she said, “Would you all please love each other?” (Broken Open p. 195)

 Ellen would say, “If only people realized what they had in life, they would not be able to contain their joy.”

It is easy to focus on not having senior pastors. Oh, but look at what we have. One hundred twenty-five years of history is no small achievement. We are reminded that we have been here before and we will be fine. In this in between—liminal—time, we pause to realize all we have individually and as a church. We have lots of voices reminding us to love each other. But you already knew that. You already do that. Loving each other is what matters now and in the time to come.

~ Jim England