Giving During a Season of Transition by Dick Allison

Giving is ALWAYS important! Giving to the local ministries of Highland Baptist Church, giving to all the ministries we support as a church locally, across the nation and around the world. But there are times when we are especially conscious of that importance. One of those is in a time of transition, such as Highland is experiencing right now with Joe’s retirement followed now by Nina’s retirement next week. It’s been interesting to me in my transition from being a retired pastor of the church I served for many years to being a member of a church that has welcomed Jane and me into your wonderful family. Thank God, we are as motivated to give to Highland as we were to give to University Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, following 25 years in that place. We call Highland Baptist Church “UBC Squared”—it is essentially the same church, just bigger!

I have to be honest! It goes all the way back to our Southern Baptist days. Lots of things happened later that moved us to a new way of doing missions, but Jane and I both became “missionary Baptists” in those Southern Baptist Convention days. And we still are missionary Baptists, still through the local church and now through Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. I am writing this article on Wednesday, May 9, and on this very night in University Baptist Church, Hattiesburg, the major event of the evening is the promotion of the “Jane Allison Mississippi State Missions Offering”. I couldn’t have been married to Jane for almost 62 years now without being a committed missionary Baptist! Whatever name we call it, let’s be especially generous right now in our support of the mission of Highland Baptist Church!