Liminal Wonderings… by Nina Maples

This is one of my favorite times of year because my garden is coming alive! Those buds and blooms that have been unseen through the cold days of winter have been resting and gaining strength, all in preparation to burst forth in their appointed season. Some of my plants have bravely poked their heads up even though the cold and snow have railed against their entrance, yet they persist.

As I clean and prepare the beds for this season, I am aware of where each plant and bulb is nestled. Seen or unseen, I know where they live and await their appearance. Each year, I also have the task of rearranging parts of the garden. Some plants have grown too big for their current habitat and need a new home. Others need more light as the trees above them grow and shade their home.

As I work outside in this beautiful oasis, I am reminded of you, Highland. You are in a season of transition and disorientation, but you have a Master Gardener who knows each of you and knows this spiritual home we call Highland. Our Master Gardener watches over you as things in the  garden need to be pruned, rearranged, or cultivated. The waiting and grief from change can be disorienting. You are in the process of making room for new growth to appear, and as Easter people, you await the time of resurrection. The One who tills and works this soil has a vision for how it will look and thrive. My prayer is you will trust the process of rebirth even though it is uncertain and painful at times. I trust in a God who has always, and in all ways, been faithful to God’s people. That has not and will not change. I love each of you and will be praying for you in these times of transition.  ~ Nina

Note: There has been some confusion floating around. I have not taken another job. I may be helping with a 4 hour a week internship for spiritual direction in the fall, and I will do some private spiritual direction a few hours a week. If you should need me, I promise I will be in my garden!