Liminal Wonderings… by Nina Maples

In the days after Jesus died and rose, he appeared to the disciples in various places – at the tomb, on the seashore, in a closed room. I try to visualize what his followers must have felt when they realized it was Jesus, risen from the dead. I can imagine I would have been terrified, disoriented, confused, or all the above.

 While I don’t actually see the risen Christ these days in bodily form, I do recognize God’s spirit moving among us and I am filled with awe. When I serve communion, I see the love of Christ in the eyes of those who come with cupped hands, ready to receive the bread of life. I see the risen Christ in the smiles of those who receive tamales in the Commons as a gift of gratitude from Rosi. I experience the hope of eternal life as I pray at the bedside of one ready to meet her Lord.

 The spirit of our risen Lord moves among us, and we must keep our eyes open and our hearts attuned to the voice of Love calling us to new life. My prayer is that you might be surprised by the movement of God in and through your life this week.