Liminal Wonderings… by Nina Maples

As we trace our journey through Holy Week, we are reminded that to truly arrive at the Halleluiahs on Sunday, we must walk through the Garden of Gethsemane and to the cross on Calvary. It is a sobering journey for those who travel it with our Savior, but it is also a journey of hope. It is the process of once again opening ourselves to the realization of how much we are loved and how new beginnings are possible for us all.

Saturday was a sign of hope for me as I mingled with adults, parents, youth, and children in the youth suite. All gathered with a common desire for peace. Across the age groups, people engaged in conversation, made signs, and cooperated around a common goal to speak their truth about the violence that is happening in schools throughout our country. As they prepared to march that cold and rainy day, I listened as one adult shared with tears in his eyes that he had taught these kids and couldn’t imagine having to visit one of them in the hospital or a funeral home. When I asked one of our youth why she was doing this, she stated our priorities are wrong. She went on to say her school regulated her dress code more than they regulated the safety of the students. As the teams prepared to go out, I noticed one of the adult volunteers going to each youth, giving them a hug and thanking them for being so brave. In those moments, I experienced hope and resurrection and the promise that Love does win in the end!

Happy Easter,  ~ Nina