Lenten Prayer by Michael DeWhatley

Living and loving Lord,

We come before you in this Lenten season with heavy and anxious hearts. We struggle in the darkness, wondering why our children and teachers aren’t safe in their schools. We’re battling hopelessness as to what we can do in the face of a world that seems riddled with division, strife, and violence, rather than working towards love, acceptance, and resurrection. Thank you for pouring out your Spirit on all people, especially those who have taken their suffering and channeled it to leadership, empathy and prophecy. Let us live out their visions and raise our Easter voices in support of their dreams.

We thank you for this beloved community, where we can be seen as persons, not people. We thank you for creating a sacred unity that enlivens us, rather than a uniformity that confines us. Thank you for your Spirit, which is closer to us than our next breath and wraps us tightly to each other, continuing to hold us even beyond the reach of the grave. Let that same Spirit make us brave. Amen.