Liminal Wonderings… by Nina Maples

The word “liminal,” comes from the Latin word, limens, which means, threshold. Liminal space is about occupying a position on both sides of a boundary. We experience liminal space in tangible ways, when we encounter parking lots, the doctor’s waiting room, rest stops.  We also experience liminal space in our spiritual lives and the life of our church. It is about being in touch with the leaving behind of the “what was” and leaning into the “next.” It is often a hard place to live, but it can hold great transformation for those willing to sit for a season in the unknown.

Most of us are not comfortable with waiting; we chose to jump into problem solving, trying to fix things, and get the ball moving again. We avoid the work of grief and we jump into orchestrating what will be. When we do this, we lose the opportunity for God to meet us in the quiet, and begin the work of transformation, and maybe even resurrection. Richard Rohr says, “The threshold, (the liminal space) is God’s waiting room. Here we are taught openness and patience as we come to expect an appointment with the divine Doctor.”

We are entering the Lenten season, which is a liminal space in the life of the church. As we receive ashes on our foreheads this week, may we be mindful of the movement of the Holy One in the disorientation of  the Lenten journey.

May we, as Highland Baptist Church, be willing to listen for the Divine voice that whispers in the narrow space between the past and the present. May we boldly rest, so that we can breathe in the creative wind of the Spirit, and may we trust that the God of hope and promise is preparing a new way forward for the future of this beloved community of faith.  ~ Nina Maples