HBC Got Skillz Set for February 25

The 2018 edition of HBC Got Skillz, the annual fundraiser that helps our youth ministry with its mission work at/with Touching Miami With Love, is just around the corner. Below are some important tibdits of information about this event.

HBC Got Skillz is a hoot and a half. Skillz is a great opportunity to either show the world what you can do OR to give yourself a creative challenge and the opportunity to fulfill a personal dream to perform. Acts can be serious or funny. They can be very professionally done or lacking in refinement. They can be acting, singing, playing an instrument, circus acts, just about anything is fair game. Attendees will vote with their wallets and the act that raises the most money is named the winner.

Skillz is set for Sunday, February 25, at Highlands Community Ministries (1228 East Breckinridge Street). Dinner will be served beginning at 5:00. Acts will start shortly after. We’ve moved to HCM last year because the event is so successful and beloved that we outgrew our own Fellowship Hall.

Signing up your act is easy! You can sign up by contacting Susan Coleman Layman OR by stopping by the sign-up table Wednesday nights (right next to Steve Brown collecting money for dinner) beginning February 7, OR in the Commons between services on Sundays beginning February 4.

Getting a ticket is easy, too! Tickets are cheap (especially considering the entertainment value) and easy to get. Child tickets are $5 and adult tickets are $10. You can buy your ticket in many ways – at Wednesday night dinner, in the Commons between services on Sundays OR you can buy online by clicking here. VERY IMPORTANT – be sure to click the Youth Ministry radio button and to include that you are buying HBC Got Skillz tickets in the box where you respond to the prompt “Please specify what you are paying for”.

Our fundraising goal this year is $5,000. To achieve this goal we need your help. We need:

  • Acts, acts and more acts
  • Your attendance and your willingness to vote freely and often for the acts you like best
  • Volunteers to bring food
  • Volunteers to work in the kitchen
  • Volunteers to help set up
  • Volunteers to help clean up

Thanks … and can’t wait to see you at Skillz!