Thinking Together Column 1/9/2018

It suddenly occurs to me that after next week I won’t need a Tuesday reminder to write a newsletter column.

After next week, I will no longer have this platform I’ve had for most of my 42 years of ministry to “think together” with the church about one thing or another.

We’ve rambled through lots of terrain in these weekly monologues. I’ve promoted one cause or another. One fund raising effort or another. I’ve encouraged, prodded, cajoled, begged, and argued. I’ve witnessed, celebrated, wondered, and wept with you in these weekly word-meetings.

And you have responded faithfully, confidently, wisely.

Writing weekly to the church has been a welcomed task. It is centering and clarifying to have a weekly appointment to sift through words in order to dialogue about God’s dream with such a spiritually powerful faith community.

That’s what you are, Highland. You are so much more than your pastor, or your staff, or your building, or any of your generous weekly acts of love.

Highland is even more than all of these pieces of our puzzle.

Highland is a holy concoction of

  • faith and doubt
  • tradition and rebellion
  • holiness and humanness
  • courage and concern
  • ugly cries and irrepressible laughs
  • tender and snarky
  • humble and self-congratulatory
  • prophets and priests—

all mysteriously woven together by Jesus into a tie, so to speak, that bind our heart in Christian love.

So, though this form of weekly dialogue ends, that tie remains strong, unbreakable.  ~ Joe