Advent Devotional: Monday, December 25 – Christmas Day

Artwork by Allison Keenan

She didn’t have children of her own, so his grandchildren became hers.

She loved them fiercely. She nurtured and encouraged and advocated and pampered those kids. She brought them to church and took them to lessons.

She dressed them to the nines. First in lacy dresses, then as they got older in the latest fashions.

She opened their eyes. She introduced them to a bigger world with more possibilities.

Occasionally, their mom would prevent the kids from visiting to try to manipulate situations. Other times, the kids would get mad and act the fool.

Through it all, she remained steadfast, patient, willing to listen. As Paul put it, she “believes all things, bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

They don’t give awards or build statues for these grandmothers of grace. These heroes go mostly unnoticed, even as they bring forth Christ into the world again and again.

Christmas Day—Christ being born—is everywhere for those with eyes to see the signals and the ears to hear the angels in heaven repeating Bethlehem’s Gloria from long ago.

O Christ, like those long ago, lead me to where you wait to be born today, and reveal my role in midwifing your Healing Presence into the moment. Amen.

~ Joe Phelps