Advent Devotional: Wednesday, December 20

Artwork by Allison Keenan

Psalm 125 (The Message) says that those who trust in God are like a mountain that you can always depend on.

As you read this, we have less than a week before Christmas―a good time to consider where we are in our faith journey.

Out of time, money, patience? Too focused on those things to even see the possible needs around us? Simple needs: a smile, a hug, a hand to hold?

Perhaps if we look around for the simple joys of Christmas, and depend on the mountain of God’s love, we can relax a bit.

That mountain of love is the basis, yes even the cause of our love for others. Let’s love simply as children of God, letting our hearts lead the way.

Lord God, thank you for loving us and giving us Jesus to help us understand what that means. Help us to focus on the gifts of love that You are waiting to share through us. Amen.

~ Doris Hornbuckle