Compassionate Neighbors Testimony

Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM) has been making Kentucky home for refugees since 1990. In our 27-year history, the agency has resettled over 15,000 refugees with over 45 different ethnic and national backgrounds including Somalia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Syria, Iraq, Cuba, Afghanistan, Burma, Bhutan, Sudan, and more. Over half are children.

Highland Baptist Church (HBC) has been a strong partner with KRM in providing generous hospitality and program support for over 2 decades. The KRM Family Center is housed on the church campus, and 3 times each week, newcomer mothers and their children participate in ESL classes, pre-Kindergarten instruction, art therapy, financial literacy and more. In a sense, HBC has become their first educational space after arrival in the United States, a significant marker for them in their new journey here in Louisville. It has been a safe space in which they can learn, grow and thrive. Additionally, the HBC mother’s group has collected diapers for KRM families. Helping to alleviate this expense means so much  to these families as they are trying to become established in their new home. This summer, our staff were delighted and humbled to receive a thoughtful super hero treat basket from the children at HBC in honor of the “heroic” work we  do in serving the community. Also, the generous funding KRM has received from the Community Missions Ministry group has made such a difference at KRM from field trip funding for Family Center families, New Beginnings Tutoring/Mentoring Program students, Summer Youth Program students and KRM elders to Family Center staff support and funds for new families. It is hard to imagine KRM without this partnership. Thank you for the work that you do to make Louisville more welcoming, and a genuine thinking, feeling, healing community of faith.