Redlining: A Community Conversation, November 16, 5:30 p.m.

Redlining in Louisville: A Community Conversation

On Thursday, November 16, at 5:30 p.m., you are invited into a conversation on Redlining in Louisville in Fellowship Hall. Brought to you by the Anti-Racism Team, Justice Ministry Group, and   Community Missions Ministry Group here at church, the conversation will be facilitated by the Office of Redevelopment Strategies for Louisville Metro Government.

Here is why the conversation matters:

Many of us are either awakening to, or have awoken to, the reality of racism as a pervasive, animating force in American society. The scope and complexity of racism’s history in America defies comprehension. But, we should not despair. We can focus on specific realities shaped by racism that we can address to  improve the lives of our neighbors. An understanding of and active response to redlining is one such meaningful opportunity.

Redlining is not an abstract idea: it is a traceable system of policies used by banks and government agencies since the 1930s to intentionally exclude black Americans from home ownership, deny blacks mortgages, target blacks with predatory lending, and generally deny blacks financial services enjoyed by whites. The generational damages and pain caused to individuals by redlining question America’s most cherished principles. But, it is not too late for us to act.

Opening yourself to the conversation will change your life if you let it; we hope it will inspire you into a new way of relationship with our Louisville community. Come learn alongside justice-minded Highland members and our broader community so that we can respond in faith, together, to one of the most important issues in our city today!