Thinking Together Column 9/13/2017

Nina Maples’ announced move to part-time is a jolt to the stasis of Highland. It likely will create anxiety in some; relief in others.

We are all relieved that Nina will continue as an active and crucial minister on our staff. Still, the fact that Nina will not be as available and ubiquitous as she has been for the last twenty years might also stir anxiety.

Here’s why I’m not anxious: Nina will remain as a vital leader among us both now and in the future. Her decision to reduce her hours comes as she feels passion to learn and grow in some areas of spirituality and ministry which will only enhance and deepen Highland. We will be the first beneficiaries of what she learns!

In some ways, it is the best of all worlds—we keep Nina, but we free Nina to learn great stuff and bring it back to us! Win-win.

Personally, Nina is a colleague, confidant, counselor, friend, and sister all rolled into one.

We have spend ⅓ of our lives together in service to God and Highland. As such I can assure Highland that Nina’s shift to part-time will not be accompanied by a reduced commitment to what is happening among us. Nina is loyal. She remains fully committed to our common journey toward the Promise Land.

Change can stir anxiety. Faith’s eyes recognize that change signals life, opportunity, a new day. May it be so—for Nina and for Highland!  ~ Joe