Congregational Conversation on Immigration Sunday, September 24

We invite the church to a short, 30-minute congregational conversation this Sunday, September 24, at 12:15 p.m., in the Commons. Please note: due to the short duration of the conversation, a meal and preschool childcare will not be provided. For any additional information, please contact Ryan Eller.

Highland, along with many other faith communities in Louisville and around the nation, is determining the most appropriate ways to stand in solidarity with our friends and neighbors who are threatened with the loss of home and family as a result of their immigration status.

The solution is immigration reform through laws that are more just. But until that time, love of neighbor and stranger are a clarion call for action. Highland members are involved in a number of ways. 

It is understood that the actions taken by any individual church will vary, based on their different gifts, assets, and forms of support. Some congregations will have the resources and the will to be host, or housing, congregations; others (like Highland) will be support congregations.  

In the midst of continuing discernment, actions are being taken. Recent actions taken or in process by members of Highland include:

  • The Justice Ministry Group (JMG) made a donation to La Casita, a local immigrant-led advocacy, support, and service organization.
  • A member of the JMG is volunteering at La Casita in their preschool program for special needs children.
  • Members are showing up for press conferences and rallies to express support for immigrants and call for changes in our current immigration laws.
  • Members are writing letters and signing petitions for reform of our immigration system that provides a pathway to citizenship. (See “DACA” article below)
  • The youth ministry group is considering holding regular vigils, to provide a public, peaceful display of solidarity with the immigrants in our midst.

The “right” response to a broken system is not always clear, and we may emphasize different aspects of the law or of our responsibilities to one another. Our prayer is that in this, as in everything, may we be led by the Spirit and act out of love.


DACA—An Opportunity to Respond

In response to the recent assault on DACA, the Anti-Racism Team (ART) will host a letter writing campaign this Sunday, September 24, in the Commons. We will ask Congress to work diligently to save the DACA program before the six-month deadline. Please stop by the ART table before or after worship to pick up a postcard from a team member.

As we believe that standing up for the disempowered and attacked among us is an act of worship, we ask that you pray over the message that you will send to your representative, and then add your completed postcard to the offering tray as it passes. We will also collect postcards on October 1, and sample messages will be available. Artwork by Allison Keenan.