Thinking Together Column 9/6/2017

The times called for it, and it was born.

The Angela Project promotes God’s Dream for racial restoration through three major areas: education, poverty, and forging a new vision for black American wholeness.

A brain-child of EmpowerWest  and Dr. Kevin Cosby, The Angela Project begins this Monday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., at The Galt House, with a reserved seat luncheon.

If you are available to attend, I  hope you will consider doing so. The presenters are strong and inspiring. The energy will be high. Attenders from around the country will quickly become a beloved community formed by our common trust in the God who hears  the cries of people who are stuck.

By attending, you will be changed.

But here’s another reason I hope you attend if you can: Your presence will make a positive difference in the long battle for racial equality. Showing up sends a message of unity, solidarity, hopefulness, and vulnerability, as these conversations are sometimes awkward and even painful.

If you are unable to attend The Angela Project, please feel connection and pride in the brave work of Kevin Cosby, in Highland’s Chris Sanders who coordinates our EmpowerWest group, and in our church, Highland Baptist, which was an instrument in the creation of EmpowerWest and The Angela Project.  ~ Joe