Thinking Together Column 8/29/2017

Our ordination and installation of deacons was a sacred time. Men and women identified by our church as gifted in compassion, wisdom, and faithfulness are commissioned to serve in the spirit of Jesus the Christ.

Our new deacons will add to the richness and strength of Highland’s deacon body.

In my charge, I reminded deacons of their biblical mandate: to insure everyone has a place at the table of abundance; to shepherd God’s flock; to be passionate for God’s gospel in a world being torn apart by a theology of scarcity, fear, and nationalism.

If ever our culture needed a faith community led by committed ministers and deacons, today is such a time.

So thank you to our Deacons.

And thank you to Bible study teachers of all ages who love and nurture kids each week in God’s love.

And thank you to Ministry Council members, and Missions groups, and behind-the-scene folk like Finance, Technology, Property and Space, Hospitality, Personnel, and on and on who are also called to play their work of love just like Deacons are.

I wish we had an ordination service for you too.  ~ Joe