My Faith Story by Lewis Miller

Hi, I’m Lewis.

I moved to Louisville back in the mid-sixties (I’m a recovering Texan), and Ginger and I joined Highland in 2010. It looks like I’m going to be one of your deacons, so I should tell you how I see the church, and deacons, and myself in that role.

I usually come to the Nomads Bible study class on Sundays at 9:30, and sing in the choir at the 11 o’clock worship service – so I also come to choir rehearsal on Wednesday evenings. I’m often here just for outpatient care, but also for an occasional heart transplant; Highland serves as, and has many of the characteristics of, a good hospital. I’ve seen it happen: people get well here. I’ve seen others get well here, and I’ve gotten well here, and hope to continue getting well. God’s grace, love and forgiveness, and the welcome, encouragement and instruction found in this community, have healing powers. I thank God for that, and I thank you.

Beyond that, Highland is a teaching hospital, where we teach each other, and all learn together how to care for ourselves and each other – how to be God’s grace, and love, and forgiveness. Because in addition to becoming the men and women God intends, we also want to become the church God wants Highland to be. Tending to that structural, institutional mission, I think, is a primary role of the deacons, and one I will gladly try to fulfill, with the understanding that sometimes that’s a spiritual task, and sometimes it just means sweeping the floors and emptying the garbage cans. Or the bedpans.

And there’s one more thing. I’ve come to understand my calling, the worship that is my very life, is to set up and maintain field hospitals. Every day in the places I work, and the neighborhood where I live, I see people who need every bit of what we need here, every bit of what we have here. They need care. But they don’t come here, or to any other community of faith in God – and it may be they never will.

It’s good we have been taught and equipped to share – and have enough.

So some of you pick up bandages and splints as you leave here, and I’ll get some ointments and IV bags. Let’s continue to care for ourselves and each other as Jesus led, as the church Jesus commissioned. And let’s take this show on the road. And Lord help us all.