Thinking Together Column 8/8/2017

I love Steven’s Carr’s line from his 9:30 service offertory prayer: “I come to you today, my parent, to ask for  advice: Help me to not be so selfish.”

In a world of Abundance, why do we continue to be so selfish?

Perhaps this is why we have church—to encourage each other in the journey toward liberation from greed, fear, and materialism, toward freedom to share, love, include, bless.

In a world focused on acquisition and wealth, the church invites a spirit of generosity and modesty.

There’s no standard index to determine what, or how much, or when we should be generous. Each individual and family discerns their capacity to give. Faithful ones continue to stretch and grow their giving, which is why when we ask for your pledges (estimates of giving) for our new  budget we sincerely hope you’ll do more than simply pledging what you gave the previous year. We hope, for your sake, you’ll give more in love, that each individual and family will be more generous with your resources and your spirit.

It’s a journey not quickly completed.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu says, “Sometimes we get too angry with  ourselves, thinking that we ought to be perfect from the word go. But this being on Earth is a time for us to learn to be good, to learn to be more loving, more compassionate. And you learn, not theoretically. You learn when something happens that tests you.”

May we exercise our spiritual  muscles of generosity, not to put more money in church coffers, but to deepen and sweeten our souls and to share God’s abundance.  ~ Joe