Wednesday Night Meal Survey Results Are In!

Thank you to everyone who took time to complete the survey about our Wednesday night meal-time! Many of you are asking what the survey said. Here’s a basic overview. (For more in depth information, click here.)

  • Do you eat the provided Wednesday night meal?Most weeks – 29%; 1-2 times per month – 8%; occasionally 31%
  • Top 5 reasons for participating? 1-Fellowship; 2- Adult classes; 3- Meal I don’t prepare; 4- Sanctuary choir rehearsal; 5- Children’s programming
  • Willing to pay increased price? No increase – 10%; $1 more – 31%; $2 more- 31%; $3 more- 23%; $4 more- 8%
  • Willing to serve on a rotating team to assist? 53 respondents said YES! Since the survey does not tell us who you are, WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please email Becky Martin to let us know how often you can help (twice per month, once per month; every six weeks; every eight weeks). Multiple teams will be assembled to help with set up and small amount of preparation.

Final plans for Wednesday night meals will be solidified and communicated after the Ministry Council considers recommendations from the Wednesday Night Meal Task Force the week of August 11.