Thinking Together Column 6/20/2017

I write this in order to model, not to brag.

This week, our family made our sacrificial contribution to the Global Mission Offering that we’ve been hearing about this month as Highland gathers this annual offering to support Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel around the world.

Giving lets Terri and me play a part in beautiful, life-changing, love-expanding work in some of the diciest corners of our universe. Our giving supports those called to embody love in these remote places.

Our gift is in addition to, not in place of, our ongoing offerings to Highland’s ministry budget. We don’t rob Peter to pay Paul.

Our gift could pay for a nice weekend away, or some new clothes. We spend money like this, too.

But, we prioritize giving to Global Missions—cheerfully, humbly (remember: in writing this I’m modeling, not bragging!), gratefully.

We don’t feel gypped by God for giving us resources, then calling on us to give them away. We realize this is how God and life work—those who have, give. Among the recurring themes of the Bible: We weren’t made to hoard.

I hope you’ll follow our model—not because we are doing it perfectly, but because in giving you will be blessed. You’ll feel connected and useful and a conduit of abundance for a world stuck in scarcity.

So, when you finish perusing this newsletter, talk with anyone you need to in your household and decide what your sacrificial gift to Global Missions should be. Every one can give something, even if it’s $1.

If even half of Highland’s families give sacrificially, we will double or triple our $10,500 goal. ~ Joe