Wednesday Night Classes for Adults

Classes meet each Wednesday, 6:10-7:10 p.m., from April 26 through May 17.


Being Mortal
Being mortal, how do we live a good life all the way to the end? Joe Phelps will facilitate a discussion based on the best-seller Being Mortal by Atul Gawande, a physician and author. How do we anticipate and plan for the fact that eventually with every human body “things fall apart”? How do we prepare emotionally to die, or to let go of another who is dying? How do we have these hard conversations in advance? No easy or firm answers, but time and space to think together about these inevitable questions in the context of faith, hope, and love. This four-week class will meet in the Commons.


Godly Play for Adults
At the heart of Godly Play is the opportunity to wonder aloud about the stories of scripture. This ability to ask questions, to wonder, to think and to process a story we have heard is essential at all ages and stages of our lives. Come and experience four of our Godly Play “greatest hits” and engage scripture in a three-dimensional reflective way. If you’ve ever been curious about what our preschool children are experiencing each week, or you’ve seen our Godly Play stories in worship on Children’s Sabbath, this is a great way to engage in a more direct way! This four-week class will be led by Phillip Garrett and Holly Harris in the Godly Play Classroom – room 204 – located off of the Preschool Commons.