Wednesday Night Classes for Adults

Wilderness Wanderings
March 8-29

Join us on a Lenten journey through the wilderness to the Promised Land. We are using biblical examples from the Israelites’ “in-between time”—after their exodus from slavery in Egypt but before their arrival in the Land of Canaan—to reflect on our own journeys of faith and life in the wilderness. Tolkien notes, “not all those who wander are lost.” Yet, the Israelites got fairly turned around! Join us whether you wander or simply wonder. Lent makes space for both. This four-week class, taught by Tyler Mayfield, meets in the Commons.


Supporting Loved Ones Through the End of Life
March 8-29

As those we love begin to experience some of the changes and losses of later life, or deal with the cumulative effects of a chronic illness, or are diagnosed with what may well be a terminal illness, family members and friends face changes and challenges as well. It can be hard to know how, when, and how much to help. And it can be heart-breaking, heart-healing, and life-changing to learn how to just be with a loved one when you can’t change difficult facts or circumstances. In this class, we are exploring some of the practicalities and some of the emotional and spiritual territory we travel when loved ones approach the end of their lives, and sharing our own experiences. Vicki Runnion, a social worker involved in hospice and end of life care for more than thirty years, and hospice-colleagues Becky Holloman RN, and Kristie Abney, RN and current seminarian, will facilitate these conversations. This four-week class meets on the stage in Fellowship Hall.