Friday Church Corner 1/10/2017

Friday Church would not be Friday Church without the “Friday Church Band”. The “Friday Church Band” led by Fred Bogert is a collection of musicians who believe that singing and playing isn’t a warm-up for the sermon; but singing and playing is the highest form of worship. Several of the songs that we sing on Friday night are written and composed by members of the “Friday Church Band”. These songs speak to all the attendees hearts. After the Silent Night, written by Frank Gilbert, is one of these songs. Read the words and it will be sure to touch your heart. If you would like to hear the studio recording, email Fred Bogert.


After the Silent Night by Frank Gilbert

We were here
Standing around this room
Raising our carols—lifting our prayers
Imagined our cares would surely fade in the candlelight
There, on that Silent Night
Now, here we are
Facing the world again
So many troubles still hangin’ ‘round
They come crashing down until we’re all too weak to fight
After the Silent Night
Oh the year’s been hard
Much the same for you, I’m guessing
Spend more time licking my wounds than counting my blessings
Will there be Peace on Earth?
And this “Good Will”—will we find it?
Are we prepared to walk in the Light wherever He shines it?
We’re still here
His hands, His feet, His Love
We bury our losses, and carry our crosses from the yard
The journey is hard but there is Hope within our sight
So bring on the Year
Now, everything’s clear
‘cause we’ll still be here
After the Silent Night.