Winter Wednesday Night Classes for Adults

Responding Justly to Systemic Racism
January 4-February 22

This seven-week conversation will use a variety of methods to support our church’s ongoing racial justice dialogue. Seeking to understand a systemic approach to American racism, we will review the content of our church’s anti-racism training before viewing the PBS film trilogy, Race: The Power of an Illusion. During the final three sessions, we will read the book, Waking Up White, And Finding Myself in the Story of Race, by Debby Irving. This personal memoir, written with a gentle honesty, utilizes journaling prompts and small group discussion guides. This class will offer attenders opportunity to explore safely and honestly the history and current theological implications of racism. This class meets in the Fireside room.

Transgender Affirmation 101 & 102
January 4-March 8

Highland Baptist Church is known for being LGBT-friendly, but transgender people often assume we are only gay-friendly. For a group that is among the most marginalized, it will take more than just smiling and saying hello to let transgender people know they are welcome at Highland. We need to educate ourselves so that we can be community with transgender people. If you missed the training last spring, come learn specific ways to be welcoming to transgender individuals and to develop an understanding of the experiences and challenges they face. The first four weeks (101) will be a repeat of the training from last spring, and there will be some overlap with the one-hour pre-Soul Supper trainings from November. The latter four weeks (102) will be a continuation to help us weave transgender affirmation into the fiber of our Highland Baptist Church culture. The class is facilitated by Joanna Morse and Bojangles Blanchard and meets on the stage in Fellowship Hall.

Rethinking the Vision of God
January 4-March 8

Dr. Frank Tupper, an author, retired seminary professor, and member of Highland, will lead this important eight-week class. The class will address two complicated questions: Why and how does God actually work to do good for us in life’s journey? Why does God not act to deliver, even relieve us from deep pain, overwhelming suffering, and shocking death in the struggles of life? Come join the discussion in the Commons, and be sure to bring your questions, concerns and observations about this important topic.