Thinking Together Column 9/7/2016

How do we adjust expectations when the unexpected happens?

For example, Highland expected to sponsor a small refugee family from Syria. Instead, we received a Congolese family of seven with an eighth to be born soon.

Not what we expected.

Expectations are helpful tools to anticipate and plan, which gives worriers like me a warm sense of control.

But expectations can be dangerous. We’ve experienced the danger that: “an expectation is a pre-meditated resentment.” We expect to receive that which we          expected; anything more or less is a disappointment that warrants resentment.

And yet faith says that God is present in the unexpected, the surprise, the interruption.

Highland’s refugee team modeled the kind of trust and faithfulness that goes with the flow. They adjusted their expectations and welcomed graciously the unexpected gift God brought our way.

It will be interesting and stretching to see where this latest surprise takes us. Wherever it is, God is guaranteed to be intimately present in the middle of it.

The same is true of your life expectations, disappointments, and surprises.  ~ Joe