Friday Church Member Reflection

I am always amazed by the number of visitors that come to Friday Church!

I sat and spoke to one of the gentleman that was visiting for the second time. I asked him about what had brought him to Highland. He simply said he was invited. He began telling me that he had grown-up in the church and left the church. He did not intend to go back. He stated that during his teens, he wore his hair long and cursed a great deal. The church folk and the preacher would look at him and make comments. He had numerous other experiences in which the church made him feel that he was not good enough to be one of them. He felt inferior—like damaged goods. He eventually reached the conclusion: these people who talked about God loving everyone and claimed they loved everyone; were just pretending. They didn’t love him. They did not live by what they said they believed. So, why should he mess with them?

For most of his adult life, he did not believe there was a God. His life took him to places where people should not go. Through it all, he felt that there was still something missing in his life. He just could not find it. When he reached Wayside, he was at his lowest point. Then, a friend invited him to Highland. His friend simply said, “Come and join us. This is a different kind of church.”

He told me that when he walked through the door into the sanctuary, he was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. The way he was treated was so powerful—it was like water in the desert for him. No one cared whether he was damaged merchandise or not. He could not explain it. All he knew was that God’s love passed through those he met. He knew they loved him and God loved him. He found what he had been searching for so long. Finally, he was home!