Faithful Giving: Music Ministry by Michael Whatley

During services last Sunday, Michael Whatley spoke, on behalf of Highland’s Faithful Giving Ministry Group, on how your financial gifts to our yearly budget impact our Music Ministry.

When I hear Austin play the organ, it reminds me of something my grandmother told me, that there is a special kind of sanctity in seeing people do the things that God made them to do. Highland’s music ministry gives us the chance to experience the gifts of our fellow brothers and sisters, and be blessed by their brilliance. That’s what I think when I see Bruce lead the orchestra, or hear the handbells play, or see Judy dedicate hours of her time to filing music away in folder after folder after folder; I think, that’s the Spirit in them, right there and now. It’s a realization of God’s love for us to experience their love of music and reaches out to guests and congregates saying, “this is a place where Love is living and playing all the time.”

I’ve been a member at Highland for a little over two years, and the 63 members of the sanctuary choir have been a spiritual community within the church that has supported me and loved me consistently. When there’s something going on in my life, the choir is one of the first groups to know about it. There’s a wonderful fellowship within the choir but outside of the music that is dear to me, and that I would not trade for anything. The blessings of Highland’s music ministry extend well before the first downbeat and well after the last fermata for anyone who experiences or participates in it.

Approximately 21% of Highland’s annual budget goes directly to music and worship. These funds go towards the purchase of music literature, fund the performing ensembles (including Children’s choir), and the purchase and maintenance of Highland’s handbells and musical instruments.

However, the return on this investment can’t be measured so succinctly. Music is the most universal, beautiful, and divine tie that binds us together, that unites our spirits and elevates them in ways that words alone cannot, and it’s your gifts that make this possible Blessed be the ties that bind at Highland Baptist Church.  ~ Michael Whatley