Thinking Together Column 2/16/2016

The Lenten call to “survey the wondrous cross” is no small task. We each carry assumptions about Jesus and the Cross that sometimes act as foundational underpinnings to faith and other times act as barriers to deeper understanding and devotion.

I am grateful for a church like Highland which is willing to take a slow, deep look at the Cross of Jesus. You listen and consider carefully, which is all any preacher can ask of a people.

I invite you keep Sunday’s sermon going by paying attention to life this week. Look for evidences of Scarcity. Does it feel life-giving or life-draining? Is Scarcity another word for reality, or is it how we’ve been programmed to see reality?

Look also for evidences of Abundance. Does it feel life-giving or life-draining? Is Abundance another word for reality, or is it wishful thinking?

Our Wednesday evening discussions about the previous Sunday’s sermons have been stimulating and clarifying. Join us if you’re interested.


On Sunday (and in this week’s newsletter), you heard of the final 11-week push by our Building Love renovation campaign to pay off the major work done to our Youth and Children’s spaces.

We did not over-spend. Members of Highland have the ability to retire our debt in fairly short order if we set our minds to it. There is an Abundance.

If you are new to Highland and would like a tour and talk on the Building Love campaign and renovation, I would be happy to schedule time to talk with you.  ~ Joe