Thinking Together Column 2/9/2016

Someone pointed out that the church’s approval of staff realignment was not reported in our newsletter. I regret the oversight, but am grateful for the chance to address our new alignment. You can see the first use of the new job titles on this newsletter, though Carol won’t move into her new role until she returns from North Carolina.

Your approval equips Highland to expand and deepen our connecting the gospel of God’s inclusive love to people who are hungry for the gospel. Each week, we meet people invited by you or who hear of Highland on the grapevine and come seeking this dynamic message and community. We work to meet the faith needs of these seekers by utilizing the strengths and passions of our ministry staff in partnership with our spirited and willing laity.

On Sunday alone, we had 76 “guests”/non-members. Some have attended for quite some time; here’s hoping they JOIN and COMMIT to our life together!

Others walk into our space for the first time. There’s so much they don’t know about how and why we do church the way we do. Please make every effort to be helpful, welcoming, patient. Introduce yourself and strike up a conversation. Trust that God will guide you as you welcome and invite.

Lent is a poignant season to invite someone to come with you to a worship service. Who do you know whose life needs peace, focus, purpose, joy? Invite them!


Here is an intriguing idea for Lent (from an unknown source)—in French, lent means slow. What if Lent became a season to take life more slowly? Instead of rushing to the carpool line or the meeting we’re late for, what if Lent could be about intention and grace, a deep breath in before the wonder of Easter?

Traditional Lenten fasts include abstaining from meat on Fridays, or chocolate or alcohol as a sign of returning to God. The “meat” of our age is busy-ness. What if we “gave up” busy-ness for Lent? How might we be re-formed into whole and God-filled people? What if we gave up social media or mindless tv watching in order to read something life-changing like The Half Has Never Been Told?

Join us on Wednesday as we begin our Lenten journey. ~ Joe