Empower West Community Dialogue

The Half Has Never Been Told

Community Dialogue on Race, Slavery, and A Way Forward
featuring Edward Baptist, author of The Half Has Never Been Told

Monday, February 29, 7:00 p.m.
at Highland Baptist Church

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All citizens of Louisville are asked to read the book during Black History month and come join together in a public reflection.

The Half Has Never Been Told is a brave exploration of America’s history of slavery—a history which continue to reverberate in our shared culture today. Slavery affected, and continues to affect, everything. Seen from the seemingly safe distance of 150 years, readers are led to the edge of honest conversation, repentance, and resolve to change structures of racism still entrenched firmly in American culture—our only hope of substantive, equitable change, which Christians call the Kingdom of God.

Courier Journal Op-Ed: Black History Month and a Citywide Book Club

Courier Journal Excerpt of the Book

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Sponsored by EmpowerWest – Broadway Baptist Church, Christ’s Church for Our Community, Crescent Hill Baptist Church, Highland Presbyterian Church, Kentucky Baptist Fellowship, Pewee Valley Presbyterian Church, Ridgewood Baptist Church, Simmons College of Kentucky, St. Matthews Episcopal Church, St. Stephen Church, Westwood Presbyterian Church