Thinking Together Column 1/5/2016

Your elected church leaders met for three hours last night to consider Highland’s direction forward and how best to get there faithfully and fairly. Welcome back from winter break!

It was long, and we were tired, hungry, and ready to go home. We left a little frustrated with the process, and maybe a bit with each other.

But after supper and a good night’s sleep, I recognize the beauty of last night’s meeting. Here are people who love their church. They are transformed by God’s love at Highland. To them, this gospel is the “the priceless pearl” Jesus described. Thus, they feel responsible for wisely stewarding this gift and this community.

No easy task. Churches, like babies, don’t come with clear operating instructions. There’s a lot of improvisation. Sure, we write bylaws for governance, but bylaws have yet to be written which make doing dynamic church easy and methodical.

So we met. And met.

The main topic was my proposed adjustments to ministry staff positions. Church is much more than its staff; but how a church shapes a staff is crucial to its future.

Presently, we have a unique window to form the staff positions we need for the future. The proposal will be presented to you at our January 13 6:00 p.m. Quarterly Church Conference. Please attend if possible.

I thank our Ministry Council and Personnel Ministry Group for last night’s dialogue. We are better for it. Just like a baby, church doesn’t always coo and smell like powder. Church requires patient attention and an occasional diaper change. It’s all part of our desire to create space where people can awaken to God and embody the love.

~ Joe