Fall Youth Retreat: Beyond Measure

Fall Youth Retreat - Theme

Highland’s Youth Ministry hosts its annual Fall Youth Retreat at Aldersgate Retreat Center in eastern Kentucky this weekend. Forty-four youth and adults will spend time exploring our 2015 Theme, “Beyond Measure.”

The clock ticks while the runner races for the finish line.
The teacher grades the exam and marks each wrong answer in red.
The person sitting at the next desk scans to look for the right clothes that fit the image portrayed. The photo boasts the number of people who like it.

Each day, our teenagers are measured. Their intellect, strength, flexibility, and likability are assessed and held up in comparison to their peers. They are ranked and organized. They are filed and sorted. In the process, they become objects whose worth is determined by success within the system.

Our culture’s treatment of teens is not dissimilar to our standard approach to God. We seek understanding of our lives so we see scripture as the answer key for problems. We assess God’s presence and power by our own failures and victories. We compare theologies with others. We file God into certain places in our lives.
God becomes an object whose worth is determined by resolution and reconciliation within our own lives.

At our 2015 Fall Retreat, we will preach the good news—one’s human life is beyond measure. There is nothing that could ever increase the significant worth inherent within one’s very being. Even better news—God is beyond measure. God is more than some being to be studied, appropriated, and incorporated. God is the living, active, mysterious Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer of our lives. Only when we live our life beyond measure will we find the freedom to truly live.

Highland Fall Youth Retreat 2014