Highland’s Heart for Faith Formation Seeks to Unite Members’ Passions with Opportunities to Lead


Highland has a rich history of passing the faith down from generation to generation. Our congregation values not only transforming but also forming. We seek to walk alongside people, young and old, as they face life’s joys and trials, develop within them tools to process life’s events, offer invitations and opportunities to connect with God, and inspire them to live out as agents of Love in our hurting world.

We have newly renovated classrooms and gathering spaces crafted to give space for spiritual formation and sacred fellowship to blossom. We have ministers who foster community, identify resources for faith development, and offer pastoral care for the bumps and bruises along the way. We have people who yearn to grow, learn, and thrive.

These resources of space and ministers serve to set the scene in which God’s Love comes to life through ministry for all these young people in our midst. What we wait for now are those adults who will feel called to serve as the ones who will embody God’s transforming love through the gift of their time and leadership.

Highland has already proclaimed its value in faith development and commitment that no matter the road, we walk it together. But a congregation’s values only become rooted in their identity as they are lived out. The same author who told us, “Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only,” spoke with the same conviction about the need for beliefs to be embodied. “Show me your faith without works, and I by my works will show you my faith” (James 2:18).

How might you be a part of Highland’s heart by giving of your time and leadership in faith development and engagement? How might this church fulfill its love of our gospel by being willing to offer tangible gifts of teaching, mentoring, and leading?

Might it be alongside our children as they discover God through sketching out the creation story with crayons? Might it be alongside our youth as they seek God through development of holy friendships that are shaped by our call to love all people? Might it be alongside people, whether young or old, as they bring life’s daily challenges to scripture to wonder where God might be calling them?

Renee and Carol have already begun to dream about all that might come to be as the new school year lies ahead of us. Our ministry groups now wonder… who will be the ones to step forward? Might it be you? We look forward to hearing how your passions, your resources, and your willingness might fit at Highland.

Current Opportunities for Leadership

Children: Four 9:30 Bible Study Teachers, Five 11:00 Bible Study Teachers, 2 Wednesday Night Preschool Mission Teachers, 10-15 Worship Care Volunteers, Children’s Worship Teachers

Youth: Seven 9:30 Bible Study Leaders; Four Wednesday Night Leaders; Mentors