Highland at Touching Miami with Love: Wednesday Night Update

Give a person a fish, he or she eats for a day.
Teach a person to fish, he or she eats for a lifetime.

Teach a youth how to love, he or she can guess the answer the right question in Bible study.
Bring a youth to a place to have their hearts broken out of love for another, he or she begins to become the answer.

IMG_5345IMG_5350 Rows upon rows of avocado trees passed us by as we drove on our tour of Homestead with Wanda, CBF field personnel and Site Director at Open House Ministries. Wanda told the stories of these communities of field laborers who spend their days working hard in the fields to ensure a meal for their families and hope for their future. Wanda told us about the day that she tried to join the in the fields just to get a taste, only making $11 for her four hours of hard labor and being unable to continue in the afternoon due to fatigue.

We got the chance to visit one of the nurseries and walk through it with a woman who owns the plants. Three days a week, she comes out and does it all by hand. Two million plants are in her care, and this is the low season due to the heat.

She generously passed out mangoes to our group and sent us back to the hotel with two buckets filled to the brim with mangoes.

Her sweet and generous spirit was intoxicating. Her hard work and strength was awe-inspiring. I wondered what hands picked the fruits and vegetables I feed my family at home. I wondered how the government provides housing for migrant workers, utilizes their labor at low-cost, and yet continuously threatens to kick them out. I wondered how anyone ever thought that Hispanics who come to work in the fields are lazy.

Fast-forward a few hours and all of us were together again, this time for dinner with the community of Overtown. It was chaotic and loud. You had to keep your eyes open at all times to ensure another’s fun on the basketball court, the bouncy house, or horsing around didn’t come out of nowhere. All stuffed together in the black-top of TML, it was the Kingdom of God teeming with love and life and mess and intensity.

I watched Highland’s youth feel comfortable amidst it all. I saw each of them fully alive, unabashedly themselves without worry of what someone else might think of them.

God’s presence is close by. We are exhausted but our hearts are full out of gratitude.

Grateful for your prayers of support…. especially those that ask for a few more hours in the day.


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