Highland at Touching Miami with Love: Monday Night Update

Last month, the church budget purchased a “selfie-stick.” Some might gasp at how we might even think to purchase such a tool of vanity, the very symbol of our culture’s narcissism, with money that people have given to do the work of love.

Perhaps those people should have been at our bowling night tonight with the youth of Touching Miami with Love.

The selfie-stick made its way around the crowd tonight. It captured the spirit of the evening through the blurry but spirit-filled pictures that were taken. Spread out over eight lanes tonight, youth from Louisville and Overtown mixed and mingled. Some played the real game and others did silly tricks… doing a dance move before rolling it or rolling the ball through the whole teams’ legs.

As the selfie-stick made its way through the crowd, it drew them together. Posing together with open smiles, they took picture upon picture… so many that I uploaded 33 new pictures to Facebook just to give a glimpse at it all.

As I download the pictures, I give thanks for the relationships that have been formed and I praise a God that unites us through our common identity as people of hope and love. I give thanks for the two summers here in 2012 and 2013 that led to a summer of camp spent together last summer at Passport. I give thanks for all those who have given to make this 2015 trip happen so that we might meet the rest of the TML high schoolers to build upon the friendships. I give thanks for Highland’s Justice Ministry Group that helped fund the evening of fellowship.

The pictures taken preach of our common bond as brothers and sisters in Christ – a bond that goes defies racial and cultural differences for it recognizes that our hearts.

The selfie-stick can preach… reminding us of God’s favorite action – turning the mundane and even profane into the very vessel for God’s incarnation among us.

We give thanks this evening for a first full day of camp in Homestead and Overtown.

Grateful for all your support along the way,


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