Why I Give by Jim Straus

Hello, I’m Jim Straus. My wife is Phyllis. It seems right to note on this Children’s Sabbath that 17—going on 18—children call her grandma. I have been asked to talk about why I give to Highland.

I am among those who mostly just attend Highland’s Sunday services—8:30, 9:30 or 11:00. I receive from those who give time and spirit to make Highland such a welcoming place full of beauty and music. So I give funds to say thank you to those whose gifts make Highland a special community of faith.

I give as well to support the ministry of Pastor Joe Phelps and many others at Highland. I cherish the messages of peace, justice, diversity and togetherness proclaimed at Highland. This congregation includes many doers who lead and contribute to caring organizations and causes across our community.

Last, I am an old U.S. Marine from long ago. That is part of who I am each day. I give to Highland because this Sanctuary is a place where my special prayer feels welcome and echoed. That prayer always goes something like this: May the grace of Christ be with all God’s children caught in the horror of war and violence. Amen.