Why I Give by Jim Hawkins

Highland members are sharing their stories about why they give to the ministries of our church on Sundays in early fall 2014. These stories are a part of our “Gratitude and Growth” pledge campaign for our 2015 budget. Read more about how you can be a part here

Good Morning! My name is Jim Hawkins, and I want to tell you what this church family is to me.

I’ve been a member for 51 years. So, what does a church do to you in 51 years? Well, whatever I am today, it’s all your fault!!

When we joined Highland in 1963, diversity here was an African-American janitor.  Look around today. As a Christ-follower here, I’ve learned to joyfully embrace a much wider spectrum of folks….like you. In the tough times and happy times, this community carried me along. My best friends, my models and tutors in the faith are here. Some have passed on to our cloud of witnesses. Our children were nurtured into Christ-followers by many of you here…and today they live out Christ’s transforming love wherever they are.  It makes a daddy proud.

So what does all this mean?

It means I am deeply, very deeply, grateful. You are my “family in the faith.” I can better allow Christ to live in me…because I see Christ living in you. When I write our weekly check to Highland, it is one more good way to say again that I am deeply grateful for you and this church.

Rose Marie and I live on a fixed income. So, this coming year we will forego the price of a weekly burger and fries, allowing us to increase our weekly giving by 8%.

Not much of a sacrifice, right? But I wonder what could happen if we did this kind of thing TOGETHER?