Building Love Renovation Update – Week of October 12

Sunday was a lovely morning, complete with the first baptism in our newly renovated and refurbished baptistry! It was good to hear the sound of the water and be reminded of this important symbol of our faith journeys once again. We look forward to several more baptisms in the coming weeks.

This week, we look forward to our construction team updating the “Project Completion List.” This list was recently reviewed by our Implementation Committee and our construction team has been working on addressing the nearly 150 details that needed to be corrected, addressed, or have questions answered about.

Last week, we also completed an order for 4 additional shades for the four windows in our first floor classrooms across from the offices. The installation of these shades in a few weeks will give our education building a cohesive look when being viewed from sidewalks on the exterior of the building.

The Implementation Committee’s goal continues to be for all pieces of our project, from financials to the smallest detail, to be completed by Thanksgiving. Many thanks for your continued patience as we make our way through the final days of our Building Love project! – Renee Purtlebaugh