Building Love Renovation Update – Week of October 5

The sounds of renovation have Presentation Boards EDITEDdissipated over the past few weeks, but there a couple of items on the list that have been checked off! The refurbished doors leading to the new connector between the lobby and Sanctuary now have new hardware.

In addition, the glass presentation boards that will dot the youth room, children’s hallway, and the Commons have arrived and are being installed today. A couple of the boards were broken in transit, so they will be replaced and installed at a later date.

In addition, baptistry wisdom is being shared today with Richard Hornbuckle, our Operations Director, in preparation for baptisms that will take place over the next few weeks.

Finally, the furnishings for the Commons–benches, tables, and chairs–are being ordered today and we anticipate their arrival in about six weeks.

The Implementation Committee’s goal is for all pieces of our project, from financials to the smallest detail, to be completed by Thanksgiving. Many thanks for your continued patience as we make our way through the final days of our Building Love project! – Renee Purtlebaugh