Building Love Renovation Update – Week of September 7

As anticipated, the construction team handrailingreturned on Monday to begin installation of our exterior handrails on the ramp adjacent to the exterior stairwell to Fellowship Hall, the Sanctuary exit near the lobby, and the ramp leading up to the lobby doors. The first set of railing arrived, holes were drilled into the concrete to hold the railing in place, and the railing was affixed on Monday of this week. Painting of this set of railing begins Tuesday. On Thursday of this week, the ramp railing installation will begin.

Our final electrical inspection is also taking place this week, as well as a final certificate of occupancy for the most recently completed spaces (exterior entrance, Sanctuary connector, etc.).

The Implementation Committee will be meeting next week to begin the process of evaluating our final construction budget, as well as making some final decisions about signage and furnishings, and soon a punch list walkthrough will be completed for our most recently completed areas on the first floor.

Throughout the building, we continue to move things back to their original homes. You may have noticed the Communion table and chairs returning to the Commons this past week, and the nursing mother’s room has been emptied of most of its storage contents.

While a few minor issues will still need to be addressed in the coming weeks, we still anticipate the major pieces of our project will be complete by the end of this week. (And all the people said, AMEN!) We are so grateful for everyone’s flexibility as we have moved through this project over the past year and a half! –Renee Purtlebaugh